Jamberry Fundraiser


To the wonderful supporters of APPTA,

It is my pleasure to introduce myself – my name is Jade Gabbard and I am a Senior Executive with Jamberry.
Kate Renshaw (Lee) has been one of my loyal clients for some time now – in fact we actually met through another fundraiser that I ran. We have since established a friendship and business connection and we have decided to collaborate together to run an online fundraiser for APPTA. I have run many successful online fundraisers in the past, so I am looking forward to being able to help and work towards a good result for this cause.
Over the next 5 – 7 days, we will be running the fundraiser, where we will be playing some games and having some fun and providing incentives to go with any orders.
Jamberry is a super fun, affordable and adorable product that i am sure you will all have a lot of fun with!
It is non toxic and the perfect gift for Christmas! Check out our party page which is kicking off today!
I will be donating 100% of my commissions towards the cause – together we can make a great outcome.
Join the group, have some fun, win some prizes, stock up on christmas presents and support an amazing cause while taking care of your christmas shopping.
If you are unable to join the group on Facebook, feel free to visit my website youjamcats.com and make an order online – and just choose APPTA fundraiser at checkout and the order and commissions will go towards the cause 🙂
Alternatively, message me your order – and I can take care of the rest.
Please feel free to friend me and contact me via Facebook if you have any questions 🙂
Kind Regards,
Jade Gabbard 🙂