Advocating for Play Therapy for children mental health and wellbeing of children

  1. National Children’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy, 2021 covers many of the foundation of play therapy. read more here
  2. Fifth National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan, 2017-2022. read more here
  3. National Framework for recovery – orientated mental health. read more here
  4. National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan, 2013-2023. read more here
  5. Cultural Respect Framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, 2016-2026. read more here
  6. National Primary Health Care Strategic Framework, 2013. read more here
  7. Protecting Children is Everyone’s Business: National Framework for Protecting Australia Children, 2009-2020. read more here
  8. Health, Safe and Thriving: National Strategic Framework for Children & Family Health Services, 2015-2025. read more here
  9. National Framework for Universal Child & Family Health Services, 2011. read more here
  10. National Framework for Child & Family Health Services – Secondary & Tertiary services, 2015. read more here
  11. National Framework for Health Services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children and Families. read more here

Free online short courses

A free course that will change how you play with your children. 

Created by Australia’s most respected play therapy organisation, this free short course will increase your understanding of why play is so important for children’s mental wellbeing….

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Australian Bushfire

Australian Bushfires 

APPTA Advice to Members

APPTA acknowledges the need for post-disaster information to be provided to members following the recent Australian bushfires. Please read APPTA’s Response to the Australian Bushfires

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